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Mind/Body/Spirit Complex

We all have one. A Mind/Body/Spirit Complex (MBSC). That is a basic description of YOU. A series of trillions of cells working together in a body, for the heart/spirit to lead, and the mind to navigate.

The Body is the machine, operated by trillions of individual workers all knowing their place and job within the machine. They move the machine in accordance with the orders from the Heart and Mind.

The Mind is a map of YOU and your journeys in this lifetime. All the things you have experienced and learned, good or bad, alone or taught by others around you. Its job is to keep you safe and out of trouble.

The Heart is the true leader and it leads the way with its heart based "thinking/feeling". However, through years and generations of fear and pain we have disconnected our Heart in favour of our Mind.

The Spirit Heart uses the Mind Map to help navigate the Body Machine through the 3D world. That is how the MBSC is suppose to work. However, somehow over the last several thousand years, and even more so in our modern life today, we have slowly placed the Mind on autopilot. Over time we stopped engaging in our Heart based thinking/feeling due to fear, and forgetfulness in how it is suppose to work. With the Body constantly under stress and feeling unsafe, and the Heart disengaging more and more over each generation of societal programming, nearly everyone's MBSC has gone into autopilot. Worse yet, now most of us don't even know we are flying on autopilot through our lives, with fewer individuals knowing how to "fly" the MBSC as ONE and even fewer still who can to teach how to disengage the autopilot in the first place.

That is where modalities like the Yoga of SElf-Ascension, or practices such as meditation, self reflection, and journalling can assist. These tools aid an individual in becoming acquainted with oneself again in totality, mind, body and spirit.

Please consider getting to know your-SELF a little more through these and several other fun and releasing activities like ecstatic dance, or breath work. Adopting a daily spiritual regime or ritual and surrounding yourself with uplifting, like minded people is another way to help engage the reconnection of your MBSC.

If you would like some assistance with the reconnection of your MBSC please consider finding a Spiritual Life Coach that resonates with you. Also consider engaging in a series of Energy Balancings, again in the modality that resonates with you, these will aid in the reconnection of your MBSC.

If you feel called to do so, please take a look at the various services provide here on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Much Love, Light and Water,


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