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Global Mediation for Consciousness of Humanity

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

In the 1970’s the first experimental studies were conducted to see if large groups of individuals coming together in focused meditation for peace, love and joy had any effect on the levels of crime and violence in the world. Since then this and similar studies have been replicated many times over, all around the world and all had similar effects. There was a very noticeable reduction in violence and crime, particularly in large urban centres during and after the mediations took place.

These experiments helped to lend support to the idea that there is a field of consciousness all around us and that we all contribute to it with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. That means if the vast majority of the population is in a perpetual state of fear, hate and anger, then the entire planet wide consciousness will be that of fear, hate and anger. Is it any wonder why we are seeing the current level of aggression and violence right now? ( ( ( (

So how do we change this? It so easy, you may wonder why people do not do this more. It is just as the experiments suggest, we come together in gratitude, unity, and in the common love of each other, humanity, Mother Gaia and all who live on her. We focus as a group on the things we are thankful for, hold dear and we focus on the promise of what these things can bring to the world.

If you do not have a group or community yet, start small with just yourself in your bedroom for 10 minutes every morning to start. As you get use to it, try and increase the amount of time you spend on your practice daily. Focus on peace, love and joy and what it could bring to you and the immediate world around you. Do this for several days and take note if there are any changes in the energy and mentality of your family, work place, and community.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, you may begin to find like minded individuals who also wish to come together in service to others and focus on gratitude, peace love and joy. This is when the fun really starts. Set a time for you all to come together, either in person, over Zoom or just a designated time for each of you to sit wherever you are in the world and focus on unconditional love for a specific amount of time. Then once again, take note of any changes you may be seeing around you and out in the world at large. The more people who can come together at once, the larger the effects to the field of consciousness around you.

I know when I started doing something similar for myself I noticed a huge shift in the energy and dynamics of my family and community around me.

Go a head and give it a try and see what you notice. What have you got to loose? It doesn’t cost anything other than a little time out of your day, but you get so much out of the practice even on a personal level. I have found that it can bring a level of peace, love and joy from deep inside that it has not been felt since you were a small child.

If you are wishing to take part in a larger group working towards this very goal you may want to consider the Global Meditation for Consciousness of Humanity occurring on July 13, 2022 and July 28, 2022. This Global Mediation is being conducted by Wisdom Teacher, Sri Ram Kai and Master Lady Kira Raa. They have put out a call for 1000 Points of Light (individuals) to come together in unison to mediate on behalf of humanity. If you are interested or would like more information please go to and click on Global Mediation for Consciousness of Humanity link to register. They ask for a small donation for as little as one dollar, which goes towards their various Global Minga Projects for Humanity. If you are wanting more information on these various programs please go to

Please also consider joining the New Moon Circles that I host every month. It is a safe, inclusive, loving place to express that which you are birthing in your life and that which you wish to give birth. Just check out the New Moon link on my website

The more we can come together in large groups the greater effect we can have on the Global consciousness as a whole. What have we got to loose? Nothing! And what have we got to gain? EVERYTHING!

Much Love, Light and Water,


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