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' The most beneficial from a patient comfort perspective was the moviprep reducing the intake of fluid from four to two litres. To date from our patient satisfaction surveys the cost of the prep has never been highlighted.

moviprep buy

Hi i had a bad experience ten years ago with no sedation with a colonespcopy.Ive just now had a good experience. Best tips for prep I found are wet wipes, diaper cream, stay on the loo with a book, panty liners. I wish I had known about the liquids I could try but I just took the 2 litres of moviprep and a little soda water. Actual procedure went fine .. one small polyp removed, I feel so relieved I did it as history of colon cancer in my family, Its daunting but not as daunting as worrying for years if you have colon cancer. 041b061a72

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