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What To Buy My Mum For Christmas

I'm very sorry to hear of your moms passing. I lost mine in May and for me it has taken a long time just to even sink in, it feels unreal. Even now it's like she is still here and not really gone. This will also be my first christmas without my mom. Last christmas she was in hospital but at least I could go see her, speak to her and laugh with her etc, she was even getting "better" during that time and due to come home.

what to buy my mum for christmas

The next day it was time for presents. Because my Mum and my Dad aren't living together I had to get up early to have lunch with my Mum and go to my Dad afterwards. Fortunately they are living in the same village. So I got up and had a short breakfast with my Mum - I also received some presents but as it is when you grow older, you already know them because your parents ask you what you want to have. So I just found what I had told my Mum to order when I had still been to Tenerife. My Mum even had bought a small and very cute christmas tree - just for me! It was amazing and it was the first time since my Dad had left our house that she had prepared a Christmas tree. I really appreciated that. After the presents my Mum continued to prepare the Christmas lunch for me - roast goose. I hadn't eaten traditiona German food for such a long time, because when I had come home from France in June it had been too warm to eat heavy things like that, so it was almost one year ago. So I was more than happy when I was sitting in the kitchen with my Mum and we were enjoying our lunch. It was delicious!

But after lunch I had to leave, because I would spend the rest of the day with my Dad and his girlfriend. It was always very stressful around Christmas, but this time even more, because I had to go to my apartment in another city to get some warm clothes and had to bring my things from Mum to Dad, from Dad to Mum etc. Furthermore, my car wasn't registered for the two weeks I was visiting Germany, so I had to use my Mum's car and she needed it at certain times. I had to plan so many things that my head hurt. My friends also asked when I had time to meet and it became more and more complicated. But for the moment I just drove to my Dad and was happy to see him again after 2,5 months. We were talking about everything, as always, and eating some cake in the afternoon. For the rest of the day everything was about trying the clothes I had ordered via internet - I had bought a wonderful dress for the New Year's Eve Gala I would attend with my Dad and some others and it really fit! I loved it, it was a long, black dress and it hid perfectly the kilos I had gained during my time in France and Tenerife. After having tried all the clothes, we had another christmas dinner which was delicious, too. Christmas was always about eating and eating and eating and that was the first time I only enjoyed it. I was just so happy to be back to Germany for some days that I almost forgot about all the stress and the money it had cost me. Sometimes it was just important to be with the right people at the right place and time and that's what it was that day. The rest of the day we passed watching children's movies at TV and talking about organizational things. On Monday I would go shopping a bit with Dad's girlfriend to find a suitable bra for the dress etc. I really needed some shopping, the offer in Tenerife wasn't the best and I had a problem with the sizes - everything was smaller than in Germany and it was hard to find my size in the stores. So it was just a perfect and relaxing first day with my family in Germany. 041b061a72

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